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Chinese Herbs for your pet

Chinese herbs can be effective in treating health issues in both dogs and cats. Dr. Iulo recommends specific herbs for every pet to help support health and balance.

Healing your pet with herbs

Chinese herbal medicine uses the healing power of plants to correct imbalance and disharmony within the body and has been practiced for 3000 years. It works synergistically with acupuncture, food therapy, and traditional Western medicine to help the body heal itself and maximize health benefits for your pet. Dr. Iulo will make specific herbal medication recommendations tailored to your pet’s individual health needs. Chinese herbs are especially helpful for patients that do not tolerate needles or those where practical or financial reasons prevent more frequent acupuncture sessions.

The Highest Quality Herbal Products

Herbal therapies are safe when used appropriately and sourced from reputable manufacturers. All veterinary herbs Dr. Iulo recommends are sourced through Jing Tang Herbal based out of Florida. Jing Tang Herbal was founded by Dr. Huisheng Xie, a world-renowned TCVM veterinarian. Jing Tang is in strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Products are tested in-house and by 3rd party labs for heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, and pesticides. The products are also tested for potency/quality using chromatography. Visit Jing Tang’s website to read more about quality control standards. You should feel confident about the quality and purity of herbs prescribed for your pet.

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