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Brody Clark

Our dog, Brody, has been suffering from a horrible limp for quite some time. He is a 9-year-old Black English Lab and otherwise extremely fit without a history of any problems. We didn’t really want to have to start giving him steroid injections etc but felt that would be the only option. Then we found Dr. Iulo. All I can say is she is so AMAZING! I seriously would have to say I was skeptical and wasn’t sure that acupuncture could change his life and mine! I felt so badly for him as I watched him limp. He is like my fourth child! After his second treatment, I said to my husband is it my imagination or is Brody not limping. I thought it was too good to be true. Brody has now had 4 treatments and still walking like a two-year-old!! We are beyond grateful for all Dr. Iulo has done for him. To have found such a specialized vet like her is beyond words. She is so talented and truly does have the Healing Touch! I would highly recommend her to all and would be happy to speak to anyone about our amazing experience.

Diana Clark