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Ethel Kappes

Dr. Iulo was recommended to us by our longtime veterinarian.  Our 20-year-old cat, Ethel, had started twitching her tail uncontrollably which then led to decreased mobility and the dragging of her left back leg while walking.

Given Ethel’s age with Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Arthritis not much else could be done for her medication wise.  Although Ethel’s body was worn out her mind was not. She still eagerly waited each day by her bowl at mealtime and regularly played with her toys.

Dr. Iulo visited Ethel at our home getting down on the floor “Kitty Level” taking time to get to know her. Ethel sat comfortably in her bed while Dr. Iulo performed acupuncture treatments. With each session, she gained more energy and movement in her leg. After just a couple of sessions, Ethel was walking nearly normal and her tail twitching much less pronounced.

Thanks to Dr. Iulo working to exhaust all avenues Ethel was able to live the last few months of her life pain-free with an extremely noticeable increase in mobility.

We have experienced how helpful acupuncture is to the body first hand and what a difference it can make. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Iulo, for her immense knowledge, willingness to treat Ethel and compassion for animals! (as well as their owners!)


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