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Hospice Care for the Elderly Pet

Our animals have a special place in our families. It can be difficult to navigate your pet’s age-related illness or terminal disease. Healing Touch Animal Acupuncture can help you care for your elderly companion. Dr. Iulo provides pet hospice services to give your pet the best quality of life as they continue to age.

Personalized Pet Care

Dr. Iulo will work with you at your pet’s hospice consultation to assess your pet’s quality of life objectively. She will create a personalized plan tailored to your pet’s needs to maximize the quality of life for your pet and for you as the caretaker. With experience in western medicine, Dr. Iulo is equipped to work with your pet’s regular veterinarian to maximize the benefits of an integrative approach.

Common Concerns


Kidney Disease

Cognitive Dysfunction


Terminal Illnesses

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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