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On March 21, 2022, our 12 y/o cat Felix had a spinal stroke. After an emergency visit and MRI, it was confirmed that the stroke happened in his cervical spine and left Felix with paralysis to his entire right side. We were given PT exercises and told we would have to wait and see to what degree Felix would regain mobility. We brought Felix home and tended to all his needs, but knew we had to take other steps towards healing and improving his quality of life. We did our research, found little info about this type of stroke in cats because it is so rare. We did find a few articles that said in some cases acupuncture could help. That is when we found Dr. Iulo, and we are so grateful every day that we did. Our first visit with Dr. Iulo was 10 days after the stroke. Felix was unable to bear weight on his right side. We were skeptical that Felix would tolerate and sit still for the treatment. To our surprise he did very well. Felix continued to improve with each treatment and 1 month later after his 4th treatment, he was walking on his own. We were amazed and overjoyed! Felix loves Dr. Iulo, his treatments and all the “cookies” he gets. Felix would not be where he is today without Dr. Iulo’s expertise, kindness, and compassion. A year later, Felix is doing great.  Dr. Iulo healed both his body and spirit. Felix is back to being the boss of the house, finding all the sunny spots around the house and playing with his kitty siblings. Dr. Iulo, we are forever grateful and cannot thank you enough for giving our best buddy the quality of life he deserves.

Thank you,

Felix Pakulski & Family and all the kitties too 🙂

felix p